Saturday, November 14, 2009

One of my Style Icons: Zooey Deschanel

So she's not on the pages of US Weekly and People very often and definitely stays out of the spotlight, but actress Zooey Deschanel is undoubtably one of my top style icons. A little offbeat, yet super girly and sweet, Zooey's style is part pin up girl, part lady. Demure and classy, Deschanel is tasteful and never shows too much skin, which I love. She always kills on the red carpet in baby doll shifts, tights, and flats, as well as fabulous vintage pieces. Here are some photos of my girl wearing some of my favorite looks. XO, Liza

This dress is gorgeous. Makes her eyes pop like WOW.

This Prada shift will forever haunt me. I remember seeing it in person at Neimans and dying over it. So amazing. She's the perfect person to wear it.


Ahhh Erin Fetherston.. how you kill me. I've loved Erin's designs from the start when she first appeared on the fashion scene. This dress is stunning. I love everything about it... the sleeves, the scalloped skirt.... Beautiful.

Zooey with Erin backstage at her show. This was probably my favorite collection of Erin's.

Love the vintage feel of this little lace number. A pink bow headband in the hair adds a perfect subtle touch.

Precious. Suits her very well.

Gorgeous. I love how ladylike she is here. So many celebrities come to Letterman or Leno in clubbing attire. This just oozes class.

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