Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In the Mood for a New Stack of Bracelets

Lize and I have a serious tendency to "binge" on a set of four to eight bracelets on our wrists for years and years... long before that look got trendy. There is something so comforting and secure about always having jingle jangles on. Just last night I got into bed and my boyfriend, John said "Can you please take all that stuff off! It's so loud!"... And I said "I can't! I'll feel naked without them on! If I could go blow some money on a new stack, this is what I would get. Love love Carmina Campus' timepiece bangles. I just discovered her work and was so inspired. They sell for $280. Hmmm... Christmas. Mom... take a note.

X. Jewls

I want this one so bad. It hurts. Agh, gorgeous.

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