Monday, November 16, 2009

If I Were a Man... Chronicles of Never, Julius, Carol Christian Poell, Guidi

Hahahahaha. No, but seriously. Who says we can't wear amazing mens clothes?

Lize and I prefer to be swallowed up by our clothes most of the time anyway. Here are a few amazing obscure deconstructed pieces that I have searched high and low for.

X. Jewls

Damir Doma cotton sleeveless coat with asymmetrical neckline

Alien coat. I love this.

Carol Christian Poell boots. So beautiful.

So in love with the zipper.

MK wearing the Poell boots. Of course.
She is the only one who would understand how incredible these are.

Julius leather 4 pocket vest.

Julius waxed leather belt


Julius shredded tank

Chronicles of Never drop trousers

Damir Doma Infinity hooded jersey jacket

Loves the way this lays out.

Damir Doma cashmere twist knot top

Giudi boots.
Love how these look like they've been worn by ten men already.

Guidi boots. Ugh, men have the best boots.

Dries Van Noten purple sunglasses. Adore these.

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