Monday, November 30, 2009

My Mood...

Ok, so we can all feel a little exhausted after Thanksgiving. The mixture of major family catch up and Tryptophan from the turkey is enough to send anyone reeling for a week afterwards. Well, that is how I feel. It's that kind of holiday that is just enough time to make you totally check out of work mode, but not enough time to actually get to relax due to travel, dinner reservations, board games, cooking, etc. I am totally NOT functioning this week and have lived in my bed watching BAD movies with John. So here is an ode to my mood lately via my love, Sasha Pivovarova. She hits it every time. Feelin' blegh, sloppy, dark, layered, bags unders eyes, and messy pillow head hair.. Hope you're all a little more up and productive that I am! Hahaha. Too bad it's only Monday... agghhhhhhh... Yawn.

X. Jewls

I want to be in this bed right now.

I really need this hat.

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