Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Designer Spotlight: SILENT by Damir Doma

Liza and I have been obsessed with Damir Doma for years now, but he has only ever designed mens clothes... which if we could afford it, we would buy and wear anyway because his pieces are that amazing. Well nooooow... he has debuted SILENT, which is his new venture into womenswear. It's casual cute comfy stuff. I am so stoked and I want every one of these pieces... especially the cropped sweatpants below. They're only $114... not terrible considering I would live in them. I am definitely going to be keeping an eye on this line!

X. Jewls


  1. Oh wow he's Croatian, hehe same as me, well he's only a half.
    Like those first pants too :)

  2. so cute, right?!

    thanks for reading!


    Jewls and Lize

  3. For sure, basic pieces like these are the best.
    NP, I'm reader of your blog for quite some time now and love it :)
    You girls have a special passion for life, you're always so happy and positive, that's why I like reading it.

  4. Oh, thank you so much! that really means a lot! We have been so passionate about fashion for a very long time and this blog has been an amazing way for us to sort of "vent it all out" if you will! :) glad you are enjoying it!! That's why we do it!


    Jewls and Lize


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