Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Style Icon: Michelle Williams

Never been a huge fan of her acting... well maybe Dawson's Creek in junior high! Hahaha, but you cannot deny Michelle Williams is a fabulous fashionista. She is always dressed perfectly on the red carpet and looks adorable just strolling the streets of New York with her daughter, Matilda. I was inspired to do a post on her after seeing two of the outfits she wore in Cannes these past few days... they are AMAZING. Here are a bunch of pictures of Ms. Williams I gathered up. Check em out! XO, Liza

Michelle in UK Vogue... Love this picture so much. Her energy, as well as the dress, make the photograph just perfect.

Michelle with Heath Ledger (RIP) in Chloe. This dress was PERFECTION in my eyes. Simply stunning. She is like a mini Mia Farrow.

Michelle Williams at the 2006 Oscars in Vera Wang- one of my favorite Oscar dresses EVER. The color is incredible on her. Everything about this dress is spot on... the neckline, the ruffles outlining it, the necklace, the train. Love.

This was from Cannes just this morning. Is she not the cutest thing ever? The dress? The shoes? So sweet and elegant. Not to mention I adore her hair.

Although her dresses on the red carpet are unreal, her street style is pretty cute too! Love her little coat with toggles and the beanie.

GORGEOUS in Givenchy. She looks so cute here.

I believe this dress is Chloe... if you look good in a shift dress with stripes, then you most likely look good in anything.

I love this look. The dress is reminiscent of a nightgown, but it suits her very well.

Mia Farrow meets Edie Sedgwick. Great picture.

This picture just hit the internet a few hours ago from Cannes. So beautiful. She kills it every time.

Love this Phillip Lim dress. All of his dresses just keep getting better. So pretty.

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