Thursday, May 20, 2010

Items of the Day: Pamela Love Rings

So everyday I must do my daily check of Shopbop, one of my favorite sites to shop on. There are always tons of things I want on there... now these Pamela Love rings are added to my never ending list unfortunately. The first one, the Double Snake Ring, is amaaaazing. I love double rings AND I love snakes. Score. The second one, the Peacock Ring, has tiny emeralds in it, as well as a flowered textured band. Adore these rings, but the prices are pretty steep... over $300 each. Yikes. I guess I'll wait until these go on sale... as if that will ever happen. XO, Liza


  1. Talking about the snakes here's another one, if you like large ones

    As for Pamela Love rings, I loove her jewelry. I have a cross ring which is great.
    And you girls inspired me and I also got the dagger rosary --> awesome piece.
    Oh and another crave is her double cage ring, uhhh :p

  2. We LOVE LOVE the double cage ring. So amazing! Thanks so much for reading!

    XO, Liza and Jewls

  3. K, I tried the double snake at Opening Ceremony today.. beautiful on. i waaaaant. it's actually pretty thin... a lot more classy looking than i thought it would be. :)

    ---xo, jewls


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