Thursday, May 6, 2010

French Beauty: Melanie Laurent

As I posted a video of her about a week ago, I wanted to do an actual fashion post on the talented and stylish actress, Melanie Laurent. As I said, after seeing Inglorious Basterds for the first time, I was totally captivated by her... turns out she doesn't dress too shabby either! Hahaha! Here are some great photos of Melanie on the red carpet, at fashion shows, etc etc. Enjoy! XO, Liza


In Sonia Rykiel. Some people may think this is kind of muppety, but I think it's cute on her.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress... it's great paired with the boots too.

I love her tousled bead head and her sparkly beaded headbands.

At Chloe in Paris... so chic.

Her fur is amazing!

I love how she dresses... doesn't try too hard, yet still manages to look so put together and elegant.

This girl EXUDES personality. Love her.

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