Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sneakers by Social Class: Golden Goose for the Rich, Ash for the Middle Class, and Frye for the Broke

These GOLDEN GOOSE sneakers have been killing me for the past three years... literally. I always cry when I see them in Madison on Robertson. They are the best dirty grunge high tops around for those casual tomboy days... also fab to pair with a frilly dress. Why do I not have several pairs you ask? Maybe because they are $630 DOLLARS!! ASH makes a great sneaker and I have a few of those. I bought the studded black low tops four years ago from American Rag and I live in them. They are darling with buckles and insanely comfortable and range from $140-$200... and FRYE has just now come out with a cute little high top that has less embellishment and could be a good everyday go to, starting at $100-$120. So there, one for everyone. Check em out. 

X. Jewls

Golden Goose

Ugh, the zipper is so killer.

Dirty Zebras. I live for these.

Aghhh it pains me! Who knew dirty old looking sneakers could be so cute?

ASH. These are the ones I have. Adore them.

I want these. Trying to track them down.


I like the grey.

lagarconne.com, shopstyle.com

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  1. Can you tell me what brand is this one,i've got tungled a little http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_bjy7bxPdTBk/S-C-JZIMdvI/AAAAAAAADEQ/tP8PteSpvwY/s1600/ash-vice-sneakers-profile.jpg


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