Monday, May 3, 2010

Style Icon: Clemence Poesy

So while her outfits aren't the most innovative on the block, I must say she is a refreshing little French beauty. A 27 year old actress and model, Clemence is radiant with class and grace... a hard thing to find these days and I certainly respect that. She photographs beautifully and has such a fresh look. Here are loads of my favorite snaps and looks. PS: I LIVE FOR her stringy blonde bead head. It never fails. It's inspiring me to go blonde for the summer...

X. Jewls

The lighting is killer in this shot and I love her hand to the mouth.

You can find these items on, a fave site of mine. :)

This Antik Batik bracelet is a good one to add to your stack and it's only $38 bucks!

So cute!


A favorite. I love this angle.

Adams Family This dress is stunning.

Love this coat.

What a great set. Magical.

Seriously? The fashion icons love this girl. She must be a total sweetheart.

NYLON shoot with Chloe and Anja.,

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  1. I love Clemence! She's such a change from all the Hollywood actresses. She never over-accessorizes, or wears gaudy prints. She always looks simple and chic.


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