Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Model Spotlight: New Face Azul Caletti

WATCH OUT, Karlie Kloss!! Azul Caletti is about to take over. Just a baby at 16 years old, this little one is from Argentina. She is currently with Women Management in NYC, Paris, and Milan. With only a few shoots under her belt, she is just getting started. While in NYC, she walked the runway for VPL and Adam and then for Mila Schon and Iceberg in Milan. Her crystal clear blue eyes kill me and I happen to loooove the freckles and she has my hair color ;). I hope to see more of this cutie and we get to say we saw her first!

X. Jewls

I love how sweet her look is. So refreshing.

Her eyes are almost transparent here?! Nuts. SO gorgeous.

Great lighting on the right.

Can't deal with it.


My exact hair color. Crazy.

Hahha. This is great. It's like Christmas lights on her head.

Live for this.

Hmm, might have to do braids like this today. Super adorable.,,

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