Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Magazine Spotlight: TWIN

TWIN Magazine launched in London last November. It is a new magazine from Rebecca Smith, former creative director of Lula (I posted on Lula mag earlier)- click, hereTwin is a bi-monthly issue and is a hardback so it's actually more of a "book" than a magazine. Looooove it. The shoots are incredible and I am officially obsessed. The one below was photographed by Jermaine Francis modeled by DJ/singer Alicat. With only two issues published, their limited editions are already sold out, but you can buy the regular magazine for $19 dollars here: --Ha, this is obviously not a magazine you find at your local Barnes and Noble. Nope, for the good ones ya gotta search high and low, but it's worth it!

X. Jewls

This dress murders me...

Love the one eye and the two little Miu Miu cats popping out.

Simple and clean. I like.

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