Sunday, May 9, 2010

Style Look Out: Taylor Momsen

So if I was her mother, I'm not sure I would be toooootally comfortable with all the short skirts, thigh high tights, and raccoon eyeliner... but I can't deny that Taylor is darling and has a killer body. Still just 16 and super young, she is one to watch and definitely has a sense of style. Although I am sure getting dressed in all the top designers on the set of Gossip Girl everyday day has certainly nudged her in the right direction. She has kind of picked up where MK and A left off back in 03' when they were attending NYU with the whole "shlepped together/rolled out of bed" look. Here are some of my favorite ensembles.

X. Jewls

Love this paired with the boots.

Gotta love the big boyfriend flannels. I still live in them on my lazy days.

Liza did a post on this shot a while back called "Pantless." Haha. Taylor got a lot of flack for this, but they are great tights!


Haha. This is so how I look when I travel.

Very sweet dress.

She is beanie obsesssssssed.

Easy day look.

I just really like this look for some reason. Low slung leather skirt. All black head to toe. It kind of screams, "I don't care." I love it. Chic.

This dress is so adorable. I would wear the daylights out of this.

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