Friday, December 11, 2009

Because I'm in an Olsen Mood...

Well aren't I always? Here are a bunch of pictures of my girls that make me happy. That is all. XO, Liza

This was from their Vanity Fair Cover with a bunch of other popular young stars. I remember this was when they first started appearing on the fashion scene.

MK looks so mature and beautiful here. Simple and stunning.


I loved this shoot Ash did. I believe it was Marie Claire?

Although MK was sick during this time, you can't deny how amazing her dress is. I remember reading it was from Paper Bag Princess.

Their eyes are insane here.

Ugh, adorable. They love eachother.

The girls on Oprah. I was at the taping of that show and I kind of flipped out/cried when they came on to the stage. How embarrassing? What can I say? I've been obsessed since I was little!

Love the green on MK and the tan on Ashley.

My favorite dress Mary-Kate has ever worn to the Met gala.

Probably one of the best pictures of them ever. I love it so much, I have it framed in my closet!

Her fur here is AMAZING. Enough said.,,

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