Monday, December 14, 2009

Website Spotlight:

Okay, we can't always buy the best of everything or else we would be homeless. Sometimes we have to suck it up, be humble, and go a little more "cheapie" to make rent in time! The tricky part is finding quality and carefully sifting through the trendy stuff and while during our broke months this can be a little depressing... we can look at it this way... how many girls are out there pretending to have loads of money, buying all status symbol clothing but they are really staying up at night freaking out about their credit card statements?

Liza and I try to be diligent about only spending mad cash on the timeless pieces that will never be deemed "fad-ish" and as for the rest of it... We have a good slew of our cheaper spots we hit up. It's honestly taken years for us to get to this point and not be ballistic with our spending, but now we take our time and we have become waaaaaay more innovative with our ensembles.

Here are some good pieces I have searched for to share with you guys off of this site. They also have a whole vintage section which is nice :) All under $80 bucks. Super fab if you need to do holiday shopping on a budget or if you just need to spruce up your wardrobe!

X. Jewls

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