Saturday, December 5, 2009

I need $906.50... Someone quick!

Ok, it's 11:30 AM. I just rolled out of bed on my lazy Saturday off, poured a piping hot cup of coffee, sat down with my Mac like I always do, and scanned through my usual circuit of websites...

And what do I come across? This? My love... The amazing Martin Margiela Short Boot on sale? No no no!! Not today!! I can't handle anymore obsessive compulsive stalking of my favorite pieces!

Arggghhhhh, well John and I move to our new spot in a week, so I have been spending ALL my money on a new fridge, bathroom cabinets, paint, shelves, and Christmas presents. There goes all my money for the Margiela Boots... Being selfless and a good domestic girlfriend is taking it's toll on me! Too bad I have a day full of Bed Bath and Beyond ahead of me..

Who needs a fridge for food when you could have these?

X. a frustrated Jewls

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