Friday, December 4, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Rachel Comey

Familiar to both Liza and I, I thought I would give those of you who don't know much about Rachel a little history lesson. She launched her collection in 2001 as a menswear line.... So get this, the pieces were so incredible that women just started buying the men's clothes in small sizes at Barney's because they wanted it so bad! So Rachel then launched a womenswear brand  that has now remained the focus (Sorry boys. I guess we won her attention). Thereafter, she hit a huge blow up after David Bowie wore one of her shirts on Letterman. Love it. Just recently, she started designing shoes for both men AND women. The Barbado boot in grey (below) just became available two days ago and I am completely going to be in a retched mood until they are on my feet.

X. Jewls

I'm obsessed with the wood against the grey felt with the tomboyish looking buckles. Ugh, these scream my name.

L.O.V.E. this little tongue popping out the back.

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