Monday, December 14, 2009

Shoot of the Day: Gemma Ward for Vogue India 07' Old School

Feeling kind of mysterious and magical today. Photographer, Patrick Demarchelier captured this Moulin Rouge feeling very well. Gemma was killing the model scene back in 07', but then Sasha came around and she had an excuse to quit. I can't say I blame her... I don't know if I have ever seen a model blow up so fast overnight and get so overworked as much as Gemma was! She was also the first model to ever grace the cover of Teen Vogue. Crazy right? But no matter how overexposed fashion editorials had her, I will always love Gemma to death.

X. Jewls

Obssssssssessed with this dress.


Liza would kill this whole look.

I want this in my hair.

I would wear this dress to death.

She is literally incapable of looking bad.

Vogue India 2007

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