Sunday, December 5, 2010

Best Dressed of the Week: Emma Roberts

There aren't a ton of 19 or 20- year- olds in Hollywood that dress great in my opinion. While Miley is fringed out trying to be ultra bohemian and Kristen Stewart is dressed in an old sweatshirt and Chucks, Emma Roberts is nailing it, whether she is on the red carpet or just running errands. Therefore, she is my best dressed of the week! I did a post on this cutie over the summer I believe... It's pretty rare that I don't adore what she is wearing. She always looks mature, yet age appropriate. She never seems as if she is trying too hard as well, which I love. Sooooo here's a picture of Emma a few days ago on the go in Los Angeles. In some big shades, a TopShop dress, Miu Miu bag, and black flats, Emma looks casual and comfortable. So cute. Hope you guys all had a great weekend! XO, Liza

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