Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Liza's Christmas Outfit for LA

Again, I also threw this together in five minutes! That's how it's done in real life too. Our best ensembles are always the ones we throw together half asleep, not paying attention and NEVER EVER premeditated. Our mantra is to always be effortless and if a decision on what to wear is taking too long... start over from scratch and stop thinking about it! Lize and I are so sad that we can't be together and snuggling with eggnog watching old terrible movies over the holidays, but she will be here in LA in January!!! So until then, we have created fantasy outfits for each other for fun. I snatched this Julien Macdonald Lace Chiffon dress for Lize. Ohhhh my little ballerina. This would be killer. I love you and miss you!
X. JewlsMy Fantasy Holiday Present for Lize


  1. I agree. We are always in a rush that sometimes fashion and style are compromised. As for me, in a regular day, I just grab some dickies coats and jackets and then I'm free to go. I'm glad that despite being in a hurry, you are still fashionable.

  2. Ha! Being in sweats and feeling shleppy never really puts us in a good mood unless we are sick or watching a movie with a bowl of ice cream! Our bodies are an empty canvas waiting to be expressed differently each day! The more experimental, the better we say!

    Thanks for reading. ;)

    Xoxo. Jewls and Liza


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