Thursday, December 9, 2010

Liza's Online Holiday Shopping Playlist

Ok guys... How is the holiday season complete without a good playlist to keep you going while you do your online gift shopping? Whether you are browsing for ideas or snatching up items off your list before they are gone, one always needs some great music. I know I do! Although these tunes below aren't really Christmas songs, they most definitely lift my spirit, as this freezing winter weather has a tendency to put me in a slump. Check out my playlist below and type them into iTunes, give a little listen, and see if you like! XO, Liza

Dancing With Myself- Billy Idol
How can anyone not LOVE this song? I adore music from the 80's and this song is most definitely one of my faves.
Signs- Bloc Party
This song is so beautiful. I associate it with winter, as I used to play it a lot a few Decembers ago. Can never go wrong with Bloc Party in my mind.
Pumped Up Kicks- Foster the Children
This song is adorable. I always hear it on my Sirius in the car and it puts me in a great mood.
Heartbeats- Jose Gonzalez
One of my favorite songs by The Knife, but all slowed down. Genius.
Beautiful Life- Gui Borrato
This might be one of my all time favorite songs. It is long... a little over eight minutes. So pretty though. Something about it is so soothing to me.
The Trouble With Love Is- Kelly Clarkson
Had to throw this one in for Jewls. I am not afraid to admit that I like Kelly Clarkson! Hahahaha! Her voice is amazing and her music is just carefree and fun. I have always loved her since she won "American Idol." I guess it's the teeny bopper in me?
Fascination- La Roux
Since her hit "Bulletproof" is beyond played out... This song is probably my favorite of La Roux's.
Open Your Heart- Madonna
Just had to! Who doesn't love Madonna? Come on!
To Be With You- Mr. Big
A little early 90's music doesn't hurt! Please tell me you guys remember this song! Hilarious.
Ceremony- New Order
A gorgeous song by New Order. You might remember it from the movie, "Marie Antoinette."
Spirit In The Sky- Norman Greenbaum
I love old music from the 60's and 70's. This song is perfect in my eyes.
Seven- Prince
Another staple in a playlist of mine. Cannot go wrong with Prince. Ever!
Who's That Girl-Robyn
Robyn is pretty awesome. I love music you can dance to. All of her songs are fun and upbeat.
The Look- Roxette
Classic 80's. Period.
Heart Skipped A Beat- The Xx
Absolutely adore The Xx. Their album is something you can play over and over again. EVERY song is good. I feel it's hard to find records like that nowadays.
Only You- Yaz
To finish my list off, some 80's from Yaz. My ballet teacher at dance camp used to play this. Yes, some 80's music instead of some classical piano. LOVE.

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