Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Outfit Post: Proceed with Caution

Last night I celebrated an old friends birthday with dinner and sake in Beverly Hills. Being December in LA, it's a tad bit chilly but only cold enough for a lightweight coat. It was the perfect occasion to whip out my new AIforAI blouse and jacket. I recently met the designer two weeks ago at a sample sale in the fashion district downtown and promised her I'd do a shout out on our blog. Check out her amazing pieces here, www.aiforai.com. I am in love with the construction of this blouse and the cape on the back of this shrunken jacket. I am off work today... Hoooooray! Looks like I'll be chatting on the phone with Lize, organizing my closet, and doing some yoga. Sounds like a good to do list to me.

X. Jewls

AIforAI Jacket and Blouse
Black Shorts Label Unknown
Hansel from Basel Tights
LD Tuttle Suede Crochet Boots
Art Deco Vintage Glass Necklace
1920's Emerald and Opal Cocktail Ring
Chanel Confetti Ring
Gold Glitter Children's Ring

1 comment:

  1. Do love the "swinging on the stall" photo, you really could have been a model!


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