Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm Feeling Nostalgic... TOO

So the best news in the world came the other night when Lize texted me and said "Call me. I have good news!!!" I quickly called and she blurted out, "I am flying to LA!! Next Thursday! FOR A WEEK!" Yaaahooooo!  It's been forever since her last LA trip. God, I don't even know how long... over a year though. So she is most definitely due for a Cali rendezvous. The weather has been so gorgeous here lately, like in the 80's, so it'll be a perfect little break from freezing Chicago! ;)  Lots of shopping and running around town with the top down, lots of screaming old Britney, Dixie Chicks, and Kelly Clarkson tunes with Ice Blends from Coffee Bean, lots of dining and lots of parties lined up. The best part is, Lize is bringing her beau, Angel, so the four of us will all be together. Love it. The boys can keep each other company while we run around and act nuts for 9 days straight. I cannot wait. So get ready for loads of outfit posts and fun things to come! Weeee! Hope you're all doing well. I am off to work for five hours and then I am on my weekend!! Yayayaya. ;)

X. Jewls

Pre-Dance Party Champagne Make-Up Application in the Bathroom (Yes, that is a sentence! Ha!!!)

Lize, I believe I was singing JT into your face in this one. Bahahaha.

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