Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Outfit Post: Post Holiday Shopping

Haaaaaaaaappy New Year guys! I am back!! Sorry I haven't posted in a bazillion years. I was up in Vancouver and Whistler, Canada with John and his fam skiing for the holidays! I had such an amazing time and am definitely having a serious case of the post-vacay blues. I am missing the snow and the mountains and LA just feels so so so dull to me! Blagh! To perk myself up, I am hitting the sales and scooping up post holidays items for my man and myself. ;) Now I don't have to feel selfish since the holidays are over. Mwahaha. Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Years!

X. Jewls

Grai Jacket
Lanvin Blouse
Balenciaga Sunglasses
Stella McCartney Jeans
Chloe Skimmer Flats
Balenciaga Handbag
Noir Rings
Vintage Bangles

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