Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sunglass Designer Spotlight: Illesteva

Created and designed by Daniel Silberman and Jus Ske, Illesteva sunglasses were born in 2009. Handmade in both Italy and Germany, the glasses are all super unique and cutting edge. The brand came to be, as Silberman and Ske were simply tired of the current eyewear on the market... and voila! An amazing collection of sunglasses that aren't EVERYWHERE. I must admit... I am so tired of the "in your face" logos of Chanel and Dior on practically everyone on the street. These on the other hand are so fresh and understated. I am a major sunglass collector, so it's no surprise I scooped up a pair of these a few months ago and wear them all the time. Great purchase and actually affordable, ranging from about $160-200. Check out some of Illesteva's designs below! XO, Liza

 These are great. I can see Jewls wearing this color.
These are the ones I got on Lagarconne.com. I adore the shape and texture of the frame. So different and fun.

Lagarconne.com, Gargyle.com


  1. omg i need to get a pair! amazingness xx

  2. beautiful sunglasses, these things are the best bit about summer. =D x x x

  3. I just like your funky way of looking at fashion... glam and groovy. Playful and buckets of daring daze!

    Hugs from Paris!

  4. Originalllll



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