Sunday, October 11, 2009

Givenchy Paris Spring 2010

While most students in 7th Grade would yawn and stare at the clock while learning about Roman culture during the sixties.... As this was his inspiration for this collection, Riccardo Tisci could clearly make any fashion obsessed psychopath (like ourselves) want to go back to school and learn all about it. He somehow makes everything look sexy and ladylike all at the same time. Genius. I may just go back to school. Wait, we don't have to... We have STYLE.COM

X. Jewls

The construction of this handbag kind of murders me and I adore how unassuming it is.

Lize, this is your New Years Eve dress.

And this is mine. Now we just need some Chanel bangles to break up against the wall by accident. Sobs for life.

Now. On me. Now. All of it. I need to put a baby kangaroo in these. Now.

Had to include the detail of the back of this dress. So Victorian and tea party.

Stunning. Sexy, covering, modern, and kick ass with the shoes.

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