Sunday, October 25, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Marithe and Francois Girbaud

Marithe and Francois Girbaud began their line in 1969 as an international French Based Jean Company. They're arguably the most talented married couple in all of fashion... In my mind at least. I worship them, although, some may call that false idolism... I kind of don't care.

My first experience with their clothing was when I was 19. I was introduced to the line by the owner of Sugar Boutique in Nashville, Jenny Ader. (Again, she is the best buyer in that state... hands down.) So a few months later, my mother and I jumped up to NYC and went to the flagship store. As we walked further and further down Wooster St in Soho, I began to shake and sweat. Aren't those the kind of symptoms you have on a nerve wracking first date? Not normal for when you are being introduced to clothes...

It was then that I realized, I had subconsciously developed a romantic relationship with Girbaud... and my love for them continues to grow every day. Let me convert you all through some amazing images below from their Spring/Summer- Fall/Winter Collections... all the way back from 2007 through 2010.

S/S 2010

The proportion of volume is such perfection right here.

Need these pants. Seriously. What is going on here?

What a strange jacket. Strange is good. Strange is talent.

Marithe and Francois

I love this. It's a metallic walking curtain.

I would totally ski in this and be ridiculous.

Yes, please. A good mix up for a cold fall day.


Moncler wishes they could do this to nylon material.

How did they make this type of look sexy? It's beyond me.

Night out for jazz and cocktails.

Boots and tights. Now. On. Me.

Such a flirty way to use this material for an everyday winter coat.

A female Lord Licorice from Candy Land. Haha.

S/S 2008

The perfect black blouse.

I mean, are you kidding? Who makes overalls like this? Not freaking Apple Bottom, that's for sure.

Again, Head to toe. Heartache. Those sleeves slay me.

This blouse requires a discussion of how many different ways it could even be worn.

I'm always weird about shirts like these because they tend to end up looking really "Rampage-ish", which is obviously a sin, but this is made well. Sexy without being slutty.

This whole ensemble hurts my heart. Literally. Heartache.

Such a good throw on for travel or blaze around shopping.

F/W 2007

That's a friggin circus pillow collar. Can't take it.

I got these pants on a NYC sprint... Granted, I had to call my landlord back in LA and have an extension on my rent... but honestly, that apt is long gone and I have since moved several times and the pants remain. Exactly! I have my priorities straight. A total prized possession.

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  1. :( they just filed for bankruptcy, I tried to see if they had a fall '12 collection, but even their website is gone.

    their fall 08 was definitely one of my favorite runway collections, ever.


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