Friday, October 16, 2009

One of my Style Icons: Nicole Richie

So she's kind of been out of the fashion lime light as of lately, but Nicole Richie will always be one of my top style icons. I am not too crazy about her current boho babe look, but I decided to gather a bunch of old pictures of her and sift through my favorite outfits she has worn. Kind of hard to choose because I love what she is wearing 80% of the time... Enjoy! XO, Liza

I kind of can't take this dress. It screams me. I don't know what it is, but I loooove it.

Nicole has worn this top a few times and it always looks adorable. I think it might be Anna Sui?

This is so one of my summer uniforms... American Apparel leotard and high waisted shorts.

This picture makes me so happy. They both look amazing and have that expression of, "What?" Not to mention Nicole has a fabulous pair of vintage Ted Lapidus glasses on.

I always love a sick vest over a mini dress or a tank. This one is pretty incredible.

This Colette Dinnigan dress is too amazing for words. I remember Kate Bosworth wearing it a while back too, but I think Nicole pulled it off the best. It is so elegant and chic.

Vanessa Traina and Nicole both have two of my favorite pairs of shoes ever made.. the Balmain moccasin booties from last fall and the infamous Balenciaga harness booties. They obviously both look sick.

Nicole in vintage Pucci.. Love it so much. Everything about this dress is perfect. Doesn't need any accessories at all. Dress speaks for itself.

And my favorite for last. This delicate lace dress is effortless and so beautiful. I love how it looks with her short hair. If only she would cut it back to that length! Love.

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