Saturday, October 17, 2009

Juliana's Go-To's...

I know, I know... I have an illness. And I just snatched up new Lanvin eyeglasses. New obsession!

Yes, I should be a better mother to my accesories. It's sad. Lize and my mother yell at me all the time.

These are so super power women. I love them. Also from American Rag.

Vintage shades from American Rag, LA.

Casch Jacket, a designer from Copenhagen, Denmark. Another purchase from Sugar Nashville. I love the electrocution belts. Hahaha.

Vintage babydoll dress. Love.

Vintage Collectables Sheer Blouse. Another scroungy find from my mother's basement. Thank God for having a mom who never threw anything away.

My most prized possession... My Lanvin blouse that I got from Barney's in LA. I bought it in a large because I love how it swallows me whole.

Men's McQueen scarf. I got this at Barney's in Chicago. As I swiped my almost maxed out credit card hoping it would be approved, I called Lize and told her to buy it as well. Of course she did and yes, they are skeletons doing nasty things to each other... your eyes aren't fooling you!

Perry Ellis Fur Vest

Suh-Tan Tuxedo Style Jacket. I bought this from Sugar Boutique in Nashville, TN.

This thick knit is basically my winter jacket, considering it's always warm in LA. I stole it out of my mothers basement while visisting her in Michigan. The shoulders are insanely puffed. I look a little like a football player when I throw it on, but I am a sucker for volume.

Kristense Du Nord Chiffon and Cashmere Detailed Wrap. I love throwing this on over jean cut offs, a Burfitt top, and massive pumps. It adds a great structure to any silhouette. You can't go wrong.

Tracy Reese Cocktail Dress. Got this one for $450 from $850... Happy day for me.

Rhus Ovata Silk Dress. I love this. The top straps are suede and I love the racer back. I purchased this dress at a Karen Zambos sample sale Lize was working in downtown LA during the short time she lived with me here.

Costume National Pumps. I call them my "hypnotic Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone Pumps" So comfy. I can run around and dance the way I want in these.

Darling sage green floral Chanel Spring/Summer flats. So sweet with a white frilly dress.

Chloe Jingle Jangle Flat Skimmers, a splurge from Bergdorfs in NYC. I stalked these for a long time. You can tell I have worn them out like sneakers, as I do with all my flats.

Dusica Dusica Cashmere Boots. Best part... there is rabbit fur inside. So warm and delish.

Jailbird Chanel Earrings. Always fun with a vintage tee and jean shorts.

Vintage charm bracelet that my mother gave to me for Christmas. It was from an antique store in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Rural antique stores in the middle of nowhere always have the best stuff. I used to drive every month from Nashville, TN back home to Chicago from age 18-22... and I loved all the antique stores off the highway in Kentucky and Indiana. All those old women have great eyes for fabulous pieces, even if they do live in the middle of freakin' nowhere!

Marc Bernstein Wrap Bracelet with Lion Buckle. I bought this five years ago at Language Boutique in Bucktown, Chi w/ Lize. It's my first go to wrap to stack with a bajillion other bracelets. Leather, charms, and gold always stack well with eachother.

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