Thursday, October 15, 2009

Liza's Go-To's

Alright, so here are a few of my "never tire" items that I've been wearing on a constant basis. Jewls, time to put up yours ASAP. Dresses, boots, sunglasses (because both of us just don't have enough), right? Mmmm Hmmmm... XO, Liza

My perfume tray full of jewelry. From left to right: pile of rings, Carolina Bucci Bracelet, Chanel Necklaces, Prada Watch Bracelet, Chanel Earrings, etc.

Christopher Kane for TopShop Bike Shorts- Love throwing these on with my fur vest and a pair of patent leather oxfords.

Givenchy Cris Cross Wedges- I cried joy when I got these Givenchy wedges. Only size 8 left at Saks. They were meant to come home with me and go on my feet. The end.

Miu Miu Babydoll Poplin Shirt- This is indeed one of my favorite tops. Can't tell how amazing it is the picture, but I will definitely wear it once we start putting up outfits of the day on the site.

Vintage Rosary with Pendant from Eskell- I've been really into rosary beads lately even though I am Jewish. Hahaha. I bought this one from Vintage Underground in Chicago and then took off the cross and put a pendant from Eskell on it. Much better... Now I am just waiting on the Pamela Love dagger Rosary necklace I ordered from This one is holding me over for the time being.

Headbands- So I know bows have been a little played out lately, but if I feel like being a little biker babe one day, I'll throw on a headband to keep my girly side. From Forever 21 to Jennifer Ouellette, I have a ton in different sizes.

Grey Ant Sunglasses- So I got these sunglasses two summers ago and have pretty much worn them to death. I was wearing them the other day and a woman at Bloomingdales said to me, "Oh! Those are the glasses Rihanna wears!" I thought... ummm no... These are MY glasses that Rihanna wears. Hahahaha. I crack myself up. No seriously though, Ri Ri just started wearing these a few weeks ago. They are pretty fab though.

The Row Cashmere Knits- So you pretty much cannot go wrong with The Row basics. They are indeed on the pricey side, but worth the investment as they are staples in a girl's wardrobe. I wear mine all the time. I love the seams they do on the back of the shirts too.

Hengst Plaid Dress- Jewls, remember when I first got this? I adore this dress. I never get sick of it. I first saw it in Teen Vogue probably about four or five years ago and called a store in Philly to order it. It reminds me so much of Samantha from the American Girl Collection. I am such a sucker for girly baby-doll looking dresses and shifts.

Bess Studded Moccasins- Minnetonkas are kinda boring, so the gold studs definitely spruce up a pair of plain moccasins. I have worn these to death as you can tell. Comfy and pretty much can be thrown on with anything.

Adrienne Landeau Fur Vest- Not much to say, except a KEY piece in any Chicago girl's wardrobe. Thrown on over a slip dress to dinner or a turtleneck and heavy coat during the day. Warm and cozy, I already am expecting another one for my birthday!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Buckle Boots- My favorite boots in the entire world. Not to mention they are SO comfy.
Chanel Sunglasses- Ok... These glasses are my life. No really they are. I spotted/got these way before MK and Nicole whipped them out. They are my favorite pair of glasses, which is saying a lot, considering I have a LOT.

Miu Miu PVC Bag- Since I pretty much carry my life around with me, this bag fits practically everything in it. I love it... obviously.

My collection of scarves- my mom's from the 60's and 70's, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Missoni, and Topshop.
Loeffler Randall Dress- This is a great dress, as it can easily transition from day to night. I love the built in sleeves underneath it and the ruffled bib.

United Bamboo Dress- I picked this one up last year at Opening Ceremony in New York. I tried it on, left the store, and thought about it all day, so I had to go back and get it.

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