Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Purchase: Lanvin 3132 Eyeglasses at Optix on Sunset

I searched and searched all of Los Angeles and NYC to find my Lanvin's that I had been swooning over for weeks... They were NOWHERE! Alber Elbaz is a genius hermit crab. I love everything he does, but oh so impossible to find! So I decided to settle on the Sheldrakes from Oliver Peoples instead.

As I dragged my boyfriend, John, out of bed to look for the perfect frames, we happened to pop into Optix up on Sunset next to Oliver's store on our way to brunch... I look at the man behind the counter and go "You don't by any chance have model 3132 Lanvin Eyeglasses do you?" and he goes "No. No one buys Lanvin here." I think to myself, "Exactly... Everyone wants the status symbol glasses. Lanvin of course, would be too obscure for this scene. Naturally.... ughhhh, so frustrating!" But then he says, "Wait a minute. I have a box here I was about to send back. Let's check in here." And there they were! I threw them on my face and had a romantic moment and said, "Yes yes yes!!! They're perfect!!" That was the beginning of my love affair with my new glasses.

X. Jewls

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  1. Those are freakin' sick and if I had them, I would be doing the same jumping and hair-swinging that you are! hehe
    PS- How all-pro are you with links in your comments?! Teach me Obi-Wan!
    Thanks for the visit ;)


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