Monday, October 12, 2009

Ode to Greg Kadel

Born in Pennsylvania and moved to NYC to study marine biology and fine art. He ends up being one of the most influential photographers in fashion. Here are a few of my favorite snaps... Also inspirational for ensembles on days when you feel meh.

X. Jewls

Next time I'm in NYC taking a subway, this is what I'll look like.

Must have "climbing bus" gear. Obviously.

This is why natural light is insane.

Just that teeeeensy bit of eyeliner. Love.

Texture and volume, please.

Bralette. Now.

Sophisticated. Edgy. Sexy. Black. Love.

Does this one need words? Ughh.

Lize, you would kill this.

My boyfriend.

Deliciously dizzy.


Way too sick of an outfit to be looking for a boy.

All of it. Now. I most definitely Live For This.

Our gorgeous Sasha.

One of my all time fave snaps. So creepy/ childhood fairy tale.



Wedding dress for me?

I want to roll into Coffee Bean wearing this.

I want to roll down a hill in this.

Girls brunch.

Killer dress on a debaucherous Friday night in LA, making everyone feel very underdressed.

Remember when.... oh Lize... the long hunt for our grey knee high Prada socks.

Had to save the best for last.

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