Friday, October 23, 2009

Designer Spotlight: Gemma Slack

Based in London, Gemma Slack's designs are anything but ordinary. Attending school at Chelsea College of Art and Design, Slack originally majored in fine arts before moving on to fashion design. Her first collection debuted this past spring, with pieces made from wool and..... human hair. Crazy, right? She is indeed different from most designers, but it all made sense when I read she interned with Gareth Pugh. Her fall collection and general feel are definitely reminiscent of him. Mostly black for the season, I was instantly drawn to the brass armor that was shown over the dress (see below), as well as the cropped leather jacket with patches on the arms. Amazing. Oh aaaaaand one of my favorite artists, Roisin Murphy, is set to wear Gemma's spring collection on her tour, which begins tomorrow! Woohoo! XO, Liza

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