Sunday, October 18, 2009

Designer Spotlight- Gary Graham

Coming across his name a few times in Elle and other fashion sources, I never knew much about designer, Gary Graham. Actually, it is quite hard to find much about him online, as he is definitely more of an "underground" designer. I was reading an interview a while back with Taylor Momsen and when asked who her favorite designers were, she rattled off the usuals... Balmain, Alexander Wang, and then she said "this new indie designer Gary Graham. His stuff is really edgy". Hmmmmm...... So I googled him, took a look at his collections, and was quite impressed. Graham graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago and then headed off to New York, where he launched his first line in 1999. He most recently opened up his own store in the Tribeca area of New York City. So a few weeks ago, I headed over to Bucktown to check out one of my favorite stores, Robin Richman, and as I searched the racks, there was Mr. Graham's stuff! I had no clue! I came across this one fabulous sweater, all nubby and cozy. The sales lady there then came over to show me that you can even wear the sweater another way... upside down! I was sold and took it home, even though it was a large (Jewls and I always like our stuff big). Here are a few pieces I came across on the few sites that carry his collections.. Unfortunately, these items are sold out. XO, Liza

I love the pairing of this jacket and dress. Perfection. The coat and leggings on the right aren't so bad either... 

These shibori wool leggings are amazing. Hand-dyed. Could you just die over the snaps at the bottom of them too? Ugh I want.

This striped shirt skirt is amazing as well. You can wear it as a little jacket, as well as a skirt. Genius.

Gary Graham Fall 2009,

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