Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Photographer Spotlight: Kayt Jones

While fashion photography can get a little "guy heavy", I view Kayt Jones as a ray of light that peaks through so defiantly, yet not "in your face feminine". She began her photography career in London where she was born and raised and rather than saving up for a car at 17 years old, she threw every dime she had into a Leica M4 camera. Kayt studied in London at the University of Westminster and now resides in LA with her husband, an actor, and two children.

Clearly she had a vision and a dream from the beginning and an ardent vigor that very few are cut out for. For this, I am so completely inspired and appreciative of her work. Her use of natural lighting, studio lighting, and even photoshop is always tasteful, elegant, and a tad humorous. The emotions she captures are rare and seemingly organic to the eye.

Below is my ode to Kayt Jones.

X. Jewls


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