Saturday, October 17, 2009

Outfit Post Life in LA 2007

I love these two pictures of us so much. Probably two of my favorites... Jewls is wearing my paisley Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, Lanvin Flats, and her fab Balenciaga Bag, while I believe I am wearing a pair of Linda Farrow Sunglasses, vintage vest, Marc by Marc bag, and Tsubi Jeans.

Whoa, I am kinda Marc mania in this one. He used to be my love, but now we are kind of in a fight and parting ways... I am serious when I say this. Aaaanyways, Jewls is wearing a vintage leather jacket from Scout, dress from Scout, Balenciaga Bag, and Lanvin Flats. I am again wearing my Linda Farrow Glasses, Morphine Generation T- Shirt, Marc by Marc skirt as a dress, Juliana's cashmere vintage sweater, and Marc by Marc Jacobs Combat Boots. Oh and we are in the Ron Herman parking lot.. Not to mention a pappi started taking pictures of us and then he realized we weren't anyone famous... HAHA. Incredible. XO, Liza

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